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The Ne'imas HaChaim project is intended to improve our lives by learning from the daily life of, and the expectations that we place on, young children. Our children attend pre-school in order to learn the foundations of living a life enriched by good Middos and youthful excitement.  This project uses the lesson plan of a typical pre-school and adapts the messages to be applicable for all ages. By analyzing the purpose of each lesson and by implementing the suggested examples we are sure to see that we can continue to grow, no matter how long ago we finished kindergarten. The curriculum will consist of a weekly lesson and will initially be scheduled to be completed by Naama's first yahrtzeit.

Each week every participant in this project will receive via e-mail a newsletter with the lesson for that week and the goal will be to put that lesson into practice during the week.  We know that to really learn something can take a long time, maybe even a lifetime. We may even find that the simplest lessons taught to kindergartners are really the most profound.  May our efforts to incorporate these lessons into our lives and improve ourselves enhance our relationship with our families and others, as well as our relationship with Hashem, and may it be a Zechus for Naama's Neshama.

You may sign up to receive these weekly newsletters via e-mail by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.  The contents of the weekly newsletters may also be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

The following is the list of lessons that we plan to use for this program. The list was prepared by Morah Shaindy Markovits, Naama's great aunt, a popular pre-school teacher in the community for over twenty five years. The lessons are grouped in order to allow us to focus on a category of behaviors for several weeks. Although there are similarities between some of the topics, each has a unique aspect, or several aspects, that calls for individual attention and concentration:

We value your feedback, whether you have a suggestion or a comment, and we would especially appreciate hearing about any positive experiences that this project has affected.  Please e-mail us to provide any such feedback or to share your experiences.  In addition, if you have questions regarding the weekly lessons, please e-mail them to us and we will do our best to respond accordingly.  Our e-mail address is and e-mails may be sent by clicking here.

Please remember that this project was established in memory of Naama Chana Markovits A"H and all learning and efforts to improve in connection with this project should be L'iluy Nishmas Naama Chana bas Yehuda Issar. Your participation in this project is very meaningful to us.

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Levaya/Shloshim Speeches

"To elevate the precious soul of Naama Chana, and in the merit of her dear family, may we all take upon ourselves - and demand of ourselves - to do something practical and tangible in the community."

I will try my best to conform and hopefully also give cause for an elevation of Naama Chana’s pure soul.It is customary that when comforting a mourner we say, “may hashem comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.” seemingly,the passing of a four year old girl is a personal tragedy for the family and the community. but the destruction of Zion and Jerusalem, (and its ultimate rebuilding), is a connection to all of Israel. so why then do we wish this on the passing of an individual which is seemingly the mourning of a specific individual?

-Rabbi Zalman Wolowik

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