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Levaya/Shloshim Speeches
Levaya/Shloshim Speeches
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In memory of
Naama Chana Markovits A"H

"To elevate the precious soul of Naama Chana, and in the merit of her dear family, may we all take upon ourselves - and demand of ourselves - to do something practical and tangible in the community."

I will try my best to conform and hopefully also give cause for an elevation of Naama Chana’s pure soul.It is customary that when comforting a mourner we say, “may hashem comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.” seemingly,the passing of a four year old girl is a personal tragedy for the family and the community. but the destruction of Zion and Jerusalem, (and its ultimate rebuilding), is a connection to all of Israel. so why then do we wish this on the passing of an individual which is seemingly the mourning of a specific individual?

-Rabbi Zalman Wolowik

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Levaya/Shloshim Speeches
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In Memory of
Naama Markovits A"H
Ne'imas HaChaim Project