Naama Chana Markovits A”H was born to Yehuda and Cindy Markovits on July 4, 2006 (9 Tammuz 5766).  She was named Naama, which is derived from the Hebrew word Na’im and means pleasant, specifically because of such meaning and after Noach’s wife, who was the first person to carry that name and about whom the Midrash says: “Why did they call her Naama? Because her deeds were lovely and pleasant.” She was also named Chana, which is derived from the Hebrew word Chayn and means favor or grace, after her great grandmother Chana Basch.

Naama epitomized each of her names.  Her sweet and pleasant nature shone through all her deeds and actions, which were indeed lovely and which she performed with excitement.  Naama was full of grace and she found favor in the eyes of all who met her.  She had a friendly outgoing personality and she loved to talk to everyone young and old. She would literally run to do favors and good deeds for others, often without being asked.  She was always appreciative of everything she had or received and she would always say “Thank you” even to family members and even for the most basic items, such as a cup of juice. Naama was also very sensitive to other people’s feelings and she would always make sure that no one would feel less important or left out. She was careful to always make others feel good and would make a point to complement others.
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Naama loved her family dearly.  She was a fun and playful sister who had a special relationship with each of her two older brothers, Zvi and Yosef. She was also truly an amazing daughter who gave her parents pure Nachas from the moment she was born

Naama’s pure Neshama (Soul) was returned to Hashem upon her passing on June 23, 2010 (11 Tammuz 5770), two days after her 4th Hebrew birthday.  Naama was a truly special child who touched everyone she met and her light illuminated her surroundings.  Naama will always be remembered and her sweet and pleasant nature, as well as her lovely deeds and interactions with others, should serve as an example for all to emulate, regardless of age.
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