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Naama loved her family dearly. She was also truly an amazing daughter who gave her parents pure Nachas from the moment she was born

Naama’s pure Neshama (Soul) was returned to Hashem upon her passing on June 23, 2010. Naama will always be remembered and her sweet and pleasant nature, as well as her lovely deeds and interactions with others, should serve as an example for all to emulate.

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"To elevate the precious soul of Naama Chana, and in the merit of her dear family, may we all take upon ourselves - and demand of ourselves - to do something practical and tangible in the community."

I will try my best to conform and hopefully also give cause for an elevation of Naama Chana’s pure soul.It is customary that when comforting a mourner we say, “may hashem comfort you amongst the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.” seemingly,the passing of a four year old girl is a personal tragedy for the family and the community. but the destruction of Zion and Jerusalem, (and its ultimate rebuilding), is a connection to all of Israel. so why then do we wish this on the passing of an individual which is seemingly the mourning of a specific individual?

-Rabbi Zalman Wolowik

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When a tragedy occurs, the pain that the family feels is shared with friends and with the community as a whole. We can’t understand Hashem’s ways, nor can we understand the message that is being delivered. What we can do, and have to do, is look for ways to better ourselves. The questions that need to be asked are: What can we learn from the life of Naama Chana Markovits? How can we react to and grow from the tragic passing of a precious little girl who had just turned four years old and who left this world just a few days after leaving nursery. In response to these questions, two programs have been initiated as a tribute to Naama. 

The first project, Noam Shabbos, focuses on the relationship that a family has with its own young children and the time that is usually associated with families being together.  The Noam Shabbos project, appropriately named in honor of Naama who was as pleasant (Na’im) as her name indicates and loved Shabbos, provides us with an opportunity to enhance our Shabbos experience, particularly the pleasantness of our special relationship with Hashem and our families on Shabbos. By understanding the insights and depth of Shabbos and reviewing the halachos of Shabbos, with a focus on practical application, the Shabbos will be more meaningful for the entire family.

The second project, Ne'imas HaChaim, is geared toward learning from the daily life of, and the expectations that we place on, young children. Our children attend pre-school in order to learn the foundations of living a life enriched by good middos and youthful excitement. The Ne’imas HaChaim project, also named in honor of Naama who epitomized such middos and excitement, encourages adults to refocus on those traits from a mature perspective. Through the words of Chazal and real examples, our lives can be improved by a renewed focus on these most basic and fundamental principles.

May our participation in these efforts to better ourselves, our relationships, and our service of Hashem find favor in His eyes. May we merit that Klal Yisroel not suffer more tragedy and that our efforts help to elevate Naama’s neshama.

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Levaya/Shloshim Speeches
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